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Power up



Aim for naturalness, elegance, and credibility in your speaking.

Stand with presence in front of your audience.

Shape your speeches and presentation to leave a lasting impression.

Dare to stand out and embody your style.
Speak, present and communicate with passion, fluidity and persuasion

It is time to speak about themes that are important to you and inspire your audience.

Like the actor, you are able to occupy the entire stage and project effortlessly.

You speak with authenticity and emotion when you share your story.

Being sincere, you can express his message with a clear voice.

Connect with your audience by touching each person.

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With Power up, you will:

  • Speak with pleasure and enthusiasm
  • Control your energy by measuring your impact
  • Use your sense of humor and personality to get your message across
  • Prepare and shape your speaking according to your objectives and points of view
  • Manage your internal dialogue, your breathing and posture in order to appear relaxed and confident
  • Use precise acting methods to support your performance
  • Sharpen your speaking skills by working on your personalized speeches
  • Occupy the stage with presence
  • Improvise and manage the unexpected

« Power up, it’s stepping into the light and speaking from your heart for greater impact. »

Florence Reymond


« Don’t waste your time striving for perfection; instead, strive for excellence – doing your best. »

Laurence Olivier

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