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Speak up



Aim for authenticity when addressing your audience.

Rely on efficiency and pleasure in your presentations.

It’s your turn to speak. The public attention is on you. We are listening to you.

At this stage, you want to awaken the speaker within you. Now is the time to spice up your presentations by communicating with credibility while improvising when you are interrupted or being asked a question.

You are the actor who comes on stage to communicate a clear message.

In a glance, you easily establish contact with your audience.

You tell your story and stimulate the interest of your listeners.

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With Speak up, you will:

  • Know how to prepare yourself for your speeches and presentations
  • Manage your voice, attitude and stage fright to appear relaxed
  • Practice and gain confidence to have fun with your speaking
  • Shape and organize your presentations to engage the interest of your audience
  • Present your company, project and idea with energy
  • Prepare yourself with efficient acting techniques
  • Integrate voice, articulation and breathing exercises into your practice
  • Improve your state of mind, adjust your posture and gain power
  • Allow yourself to take your place and speak on purpose

« Speaking up means giving yourself the means to make yourself heard and to express yourself with authenticity! »

Florence Reymond


« You will not have twice the opportunity to make a first impression. »

Coco Channel

They trusted me!