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Step up



Aim for the preparation to improve your ease when you speak in public. 

Know how to use your resources to manage stage fright and emotions.

Step up is the first step.

It is making the decision to take action and give yourself the means to go beyond your limits to change gears. Not to go faster, but to adapt better.

Accept the challenge to go higher, to believe in yourself, and to use your resources to speak in public and to feel more comfortable.

When an actor discovers his text and the role he is about to play, everything remains to be created. While his character is lying in the pages of the book, he will have to take inspiration from the text, reflect and conduct the investigation to give it life. Then the actor will take his place.

The page is blank. You have to write the story.

It’s your turn! It starts here

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With Step Up, you will:

  • Know how to prepare to improve your confidence when you speak in front of an audience
  • Bring life to your speech and know how to segment it and highlight the key points so it won’t feel like reading
  • Present yourself clearly in several situations
  • Use your resources to better manage your stage fright, your emotions and your concentration
  • Learn to use efficient acting techniques
  • Practice vocal and breathing singing techniques
  • Improve your state of mind, adjust your posture and gain energy
  • Position yourself better

« Stepping up means daring to show yourself, present yourself and speak about yourself with confidence »

Florence Reymond


« Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them »

Albert Einstein

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