The keys to effective speaking

The keys to effective speaking

The keys to effective speaking


In this training, we will use acting techniques and personal development approaches to enable you to increase your speaking and presentation skills.

 Objectives :

  • Efficient techniques to embody the text of a speech.
  • Communicate credibly and in a convincing manner.
  • Become consistent with your non-verbal language.
  • Manage your stress and stage fright.

Description : 2 training modules of 6 sessions of 1h30.

 Module 1 :

  • Gain confidence by presenting your text with energy.
  • Acquire relevant tools to be at ease when speaking to an audience.
  • Capture the attention of your audience and communicate with pleasure.
  • Look relaxed and master unwanted gestures when delivering your message.

 Module 2  :

  • Present with enthusiasm and communicate with persuasion.
  • Take your place on stage and present yourself in your own style.
  • Leave a memorable impression by conveying emotion.
  • Manage rhythm and pauses.
  • Improvise with confidence.

Course elements : interactive learning, practical exercises, targeted exercises, improvisation, role-playing, feedback.


Dates : pre-registrations open for 2020 by email
Duration : 3 half days by module
Location : Geneva

Price : CHF 440.-

For 6 sessions

Group size : min. 5 persons max. 10 persons

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