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I am

I have been a professionnal performer for the last 32 years as an actor, dancer and singer. 18 years ago, I started my own business to teach non-professionals to perform as professionals, coaching them to excel and feel their best in front of an audience. Passionate about staging and directing, I apply my skills with ease to corporate presentations, public speaking and team building exercises.

I teach

Self development techniques are strong adds-on to my teachings. After completing a master practitioner diploma in NLP (I.N.L.P.T.A.), I am being trained on a regular basis by the best in neurosciences, mindfulness and yoga coaches. Studying in New York and working in the U.S. for ten years certainly helped me acquire a professional and dynamic approach that I love to communicate.

I do

« Yes you can improve your presence and charisma and feel confident. It’s a matter of following a serie of basic steps, applying them in the correct order, practicing and implementing. »

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