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I work with entrepreneurs and professionals who struggle with their confidence and their presence while speaking to an audience and would like to improve their comfort while giving their utmost performance. What separates my service from other public speaking coaches is that I have 30 years of professional experience as a performer and stage director and that I use neuro-sciences, mindfulness and body awareness to support and fine-tune my process. Because of this, my clients receive a full proof application method and experience successful results right away.

Creativity is intelligence having fun !

Albert Einstein

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Florence Reymond Coach prise de parole en public speech confidence Rencontre Découverte Entreprise Message Genève Veyrier
Florence Reymond Coach prise de parole en public speech confidence Rencontre Efficace Parole Genève Veyrier

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Anything is possible, no matter how big is the goal or how big is the dream !

Michael Phelps

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